We are the Cymbrogi.

It is an ancient celtic word pronounced “koom-BRO-gee” most famously used in the Arthurian Legends to mean “fellow countrymen", "companions of the heart"… “sword brothers”. It is our vision to have this group of people embody these ideals, putting camaraderie and family before all else. To be a part of this community means putting relationships and respecting one another before personal ambitions.

The origins of the Cymbrogi are a core group of players, most of who have been friends for years - some of us before MMO’s were even an idea. We are mostly middle aged adults with young families, so we know a good bit of what life can throw your way while trying to enjoy some online gaming. We have many years playing many different games and recognize things that add to us being able to enjoy gaming together and things that get in the way of that. As excited as we all were to be a part of FFXIV, we decided we wanted to take that experience and create a place that we and like minded people could enjoy.

We all have our own desires we bring to this experience, everything from just chatting in our Grand Company Hall to being a master blacksmith or climbing the top of the Crystal Tower and obtaining eternal glory! We strive to be a place you can safely pursue those different things with the support and company of other players.

In our case “respecting one another” doesn’t translate into everyone being able to act however they want. What we mean is that you consider others in your actions and interactions. Instead of having a list of rules and policies, we use this principle to govern how we approach playing together. We feel as long as we hold to the ideas here, then there is no need for a tedious list of regulations that cannot possibly apply to every situation.

Some examples:

• If you do anything in your life with other people, its important to develop patience… this is true online as well. If we are in the middle of doing content as a group, and someone needs to afk to change a diaper or answer a phone call, you need to be able to go with that flow. Use it a chance to stretch your legs and just be glad you aren’t the one that is having to figure out how in the world that stuff got from being in a diaper into their hair.

• If we are doing content together and something drops we know several people want, we want you to consider other people before yourselves. Most of the time, just using the good ole need/greed will work fine and dandy, but If there is someone in the group that only can play one night a week, maybe this is their only chance to get that item. If there is someone that has done this dungeon 40 times trying to get that one drop we will pass it on and cheer. At the same time, we want to be a place where you also feel safe to speak up and say “hey, I really would like to have that drop if no one else needs it” and people will gladly hand it over.

• On the other end, if you are someone that has no hesitation insulting other people or just being a general asshole because “that’s just who you are”, then we will tell you that you can be “who you are” somewhere else. There are plenty of other places that people like that will be put up with so everyone can just get their crap done, but we are not one of those places.

The one thing we will not tolerate is people bullying or in any way mistreating other players. Its toxic to community and there is no reason anyone should put up with it in order to play a game.


Those are some instances of our principles in action, but basically all we feel we are asking is to be a decent person. We fully realize that this doesn’t mean we will run into conflicts from time to time, that’s part of community too. This is the standard we set in how we will work through those conflicts together.

In the same vein, as far as membership goes we aren’t asking anyone to “agree” to a set of rules or “sign a charter”. You claim membership of The Cymbrogi based on your actions… you also lose the ability to claim that membership based on your actions.

If these things resonate with you, this could be a good place for you to call home. No, we won’t be server first on content and there will probably be things we’ll need outside help to accomplish. What we will have in turn is the ability to enjoy the game together and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

***While we do accept members based on their attitude and personality regardless of other criteria we are an EST FC and our events are held during EST peak hours.

***All new members will start at the Recruit rank. The Recruit rank is a member with restricted access the bank and forum privileges. After one month if we feel you are a good fit for us and you feel you want to keep us as your home your rank will be changed to Cymri (full free company member privileges).
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